Steve Belkin

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Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel.

My secret to my entrepreneurial success is seeing things slightly different than others. A lot of our businesses take a product that already exists and change it in some way to better meet people’s needs.

Mr. Steven B. Belkin, Steve, was the Founder of Trans National Group Services, LLC of TNT Vacations in 1974 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Belkin is also the Owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. He created the concept of the affinity credit card, has started more than 20 companies under the TNG umbrella, eight of which have been sold. Mr. Belkin serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trans National Group Services, LLC. He serves as Trustee of TD Banknorth Garden. He serves as Trustee of Boston Medical Center Corporation, the Sports Museum of New England and is on the board of directors of Hoffman Institute. He sits on the Harvard College Visiting Committee, as well as the Committee on University Resources. He is very active in the community philanthropically and both serve on many boards and committees at their alma maters and for local charitable organizations. Mr. Belkin holds a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University and Graduate Degree from Cornell University in 1969.


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