Nova Dobel


#Poet #Actress

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel.

To create art that will change your perspective about life.

I believe that theater work is a shared dream, when dreaming together the great dreams can come true, start doing and rest will follow . I want to give our imagination and taboo a place in our world through art. I will live this life only once, so there is no point wasting them in regrets. Body and soul are my tools for creation and I must do everything I can to experience the world fully. Now excuse me I'm going to create something new.


I am grateful that I was born with a great desire for creativity and with the ability to do something with it. I do not see a better way to live in this world than to create. Since I finished my studies at the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, I am constantly on the lookout for my way in the world of theater; what excites me, what challenges me, what turns me on and does not give me rest –that’s where I should be. In order to find my way, I took a course in Writing plays by the playwright Ori Egoz and Scriptwriter Roi Mlich Reshef, I also received a scholarship for a storytelling course from the Nissan Nativ Acting School and fell in love with the art of story telling, which includes in it all the above.


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