Naor Ashkenazi


#artist #Painter #Photographer

Location: Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.

My main goal is to get recognized and become a well known artist, while I can still enjoy it.

I started painting since I can remember myself, but the big leap forward was actually at high school. We had a final exhibition in art class, so I started painting about some traumatic events in my life. It just went on like this for about 5 years, until it became so overwhelming  and I couldn't do it any longer. At that point, I’ve took a completely different direction, in order to learn how to paint without emotional relation. About what painting means at its core. After that I started painting on everything that I could hang straight on a wall. I couldn’t just make paintings for the fun of it anymore, off course I enjoyed it, but fun is not enough the become a genuine artist. The unrelated learning process was challenging and necessary part of my journey. When I got to the last year for my B.F.A degree, everything that I ever did before evolved into one very unique style. Nowadays my main subject is resurrecting wrecked landscapes of nature and facilities. I strip them of their original form, and all that remains is a shadow of what it once was before it got wrecked. Then, I’m able to recreate them by abstraction painting methods, that forms a new hybrid of figurative abstraction.

My photography deals mostly with the violent character of mankind, most of the times by sexual displays, manifested by violent relations and rituals performed between men and women. Some other times, by violent looking facilities (maybe where the violent acts are occurring).

For now, my focus is on painting, I didn’t give up photography…it will find its way back to my creation process, when the moment is right.


I am 27 years old, lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I'm a young artist, always looking forward, never stops to think of my misfortune and most importantly- never slowing down. I believe that achieving my goals in life should come first, I don’t need or looking for handouts, I’m looking for a real opportunity to prove my value. I believe is that people should make their own good fortune, sometimes we do need help in order to reach the next milestone, but no one will help us if we’re not worth it. The part that I like the most in painting, is when I get to deliver one or more of my works to other people and putting it in their houses. I can see how happy something that I created makes them feel. I can see in their eyes and on their faces that the happiness that they are experiencing is genuine, and it worth so much more than just money.



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