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#permanent makeup artist 

Location: Kiryat Ono, Israel.

A person is a masterpiece made by himself

Some people dream and embrace fantasy and some people live their dreams.

My name is Mariel and I'd received a huge gift from the universe; bursts of creativity and the ability to produce it into art and craft. As an artist, I especially like to catch people off guard, somewhat a surprise. In my eyes, reality is fantasy and fantasy is my way in the world -  I am a tourist of mind. My art has a common theme to it; It is always me, in front of you, creates a new world with you, a new world that wasn't there before that encounter.
I believe that it doesn't  matter where you come from, it only matters who you are now. And when you are in front of me, allowing me, with a bless, to pour you a glass of the artist's blood. 

All my life music faced me with myself; me in front of society, facing creation. Eventually, I realized that I am everything that I can possibly make and do. By that realization, I felt the freedom of the mind ; "Man is the creation of his own art."

So who am I? A classic Homeopath, a Jewelry Designer, a Permanent Makeup Artist, a Musician and a mother.

But first of all, I'm a dreamer.


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