Lian Fishbein


#Fashion Designer #Model

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Nothing is impossible, there is only our limited vision of what is possible.

The moment I got the precise understanding of my passion - the road became simpler. All it took was to find the courage to understand the fear and to no longer be afraid. I defined myself as a fashion designer and committed myself fully into it. The amount of "no"s I'd received in my life was ultimately my greatest success.

Understanding where I'm going began at the age of 20 - my life is aimed at fashion. Now what do we do? How to begin? Is there a manual? I tried the normative way. I tried to get into a Fashion Design School. For a year I had worked on a portfolio and tried to get accepted but no luck! I took it as a sign for not being good enough and it filled me with doubt and uncertainty so I just stopped and tried to erase this experience. Then I Met someone along the way who re-ignited the flame within me when they asked me what my dream was. And it felt so natural to say "to be a fashion designer". But in the same breath I said it would not happen because they decided for me. From that moment I realized that there was not just one "acceptable" way - there are other ways, too. I went for it and got great support from my surrounding; I built a work plan and got started. All with my two hands, I started my own fashion design business with one thought in mind: "Do it your own way!". Today, 9 years after I am my own boss, for better or worse. I have total control over who I am and what I do. And that's just the beginning. Every day you choose to be here again.


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