Keren Israeli

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#Entrepreneur #Writer

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel.

My goal is to create an alternative social order

My whole life I have experienced disillusion:
Firstly, at an early age, when music was my passion, I realized that most of the music industry is about false advertising. 
When I got a bit older and took my first steps in the academic world, I was saddened to discover that it is also a domain that lacked the honesty I was seeking. 
Then, while honing my talents as a writer, I realized that lack of transparency, uncertainty, and lack of trust are common within all these industries and probably many others.

This realization has led me to become an entrepreneur and my first venture was developing a user-generated transparency app (CasinoTrip) for one of the most vilified industries in the world – the casino industry. 
Following the art behind launching & leading a startup I got a taste for entrepreneurship and decided to go bigger and tackle the investment world by creating Penny Royalty, naming it so as a tribute to the music I listened to growing up and which propelled me to this wonderful business journey.


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