Our Story


We created Penny Royalty in order to connect between investors and talents after realizing that there wasn’t an even playground where creators, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes and every success-driven individual can partake in the process of gaining resources independently, regardless of the priorities of the gatekeepers of their industries, or in the process of investing directly in talents, without the involvement of brokers.  
Penny Royalty provides acceleration tools both for the talents and the investors, by collecting cross-niche and cross-culture data. Providing them with a social-based investment network to promote opportunities and generate resourceful communities to evolve together with their most brilliants minds.

Each talent’s career timeline is transparent and connected by networks of collaborations and investments. Investors can check their investment brief at any given time, getting live updates from their investees as they are on their journeys towards reaching ROI and gaining blockchain creative reputation.

On the Penny Royalty ecosystem (under development), talents will offer investment packages via. Smart Contracts for X Ether (on the Ethereum network). The timely packages define the amount of money they raise and the expected terms of ROI (Return-on-Investment), if and when their account will reach the set break-even point, Y percentages of revenues for Z time will be generated to investors. In this system, the benefits are mutual as the talent continues to gain creative reputation and the investor advances on their investment portfolio.


About the Launch:

The MVP (Minimal Viable Product) offers a user-friendly version of the first product, a step before the implementation of the investment engine, a.k.a the blockchain.

With this MVP Penny Royalty caters to its first dozen talents from various disciplines and industries, each in a different stage of their careers and each with a different fan-base from their relevant industry (Music, Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Literature, Art, and Production, etc.).

The MVP will assess intent to invest and optimize the investment funnel and all relevant information about smart contracts and investment packages. No transactions will take place on MVP. The upgrade of the MVP will be investment packages knowledge production tool. 



About the Team

2 co-founders, one is with a creative production background and one is with a disruptive entrepreneurship background. These two punk-rockers looking for the optimal 3rd and 4th venture members' added values to grow the core team and make it even wiser. 

Regardless, we are hiring. As a startup company we are always looking for great people to join our team and create great things. So let us know (below) what is it that you're great at and a short description of how it can benefit Penny Royalty current stage and we will contact you when relevant.

What We Do

Penny Royalty offers Smart Investments built on a secure and transparent Creative Reputation Economy based on Blockchain technology that provides talents with various management and acceleration tools for creating a business that is fueled by their own ever-growing creative reputation.

With Penny Royalty, talents get verified and their exposure accelerates according to their activity on the platform. They get a direct connection with their communities and tokenize promotional opportunities from their communities as part of their future ROI (Return-on-Investment).

Penny Royalty Talent Management Tools provide transparency to investors, as well. The investor gets personalized investment tools that accelerate their investment portfolio. Penny Royalty Success Scale Algorithm will keep the investors updated when one or more of their talents are reducing the gap in their milestones pace and gaining exposure and their reputation value increases.

Everyone can push, support, promote and invest in any talent, from any field of interest, from any niche, at any stage of their careers, in a mutual investment smart-contract that defines tokenization of their reputation value, at any given point in time. 

All in all, it is a visionary ethical business model along with a cutting-edge technology powering tomorrow economy.  And that’s Penny Royalty agenda and vision; to create a smart investment cloud that will provide income to creative talents while boosting the ROI for investors for the mutual success of all.


Penny Royalty is also a welcoming home for corporations, organizations, funds, and universities that are offered a place in our ecosystem. Virtual Sponsorship Programs will be the backbone of every talent’s timeline when professional investors join the ride, too. 
Values such as equality, diversity, innovation, creative freedom and more will offer brands, educational organizations and foundations the opportunity to spotlight the next innovative minds and sponsor them and evolve with their success and reputation's growth.

What mentors and collaborators do on an individual level, brands will do on a much larger scale. Matching the right talents to the right companies and vice versa will create a hub that caters progress on a global scale; cultural, intellectual, scientific and technological, as well.

The end. 

P.S - the whitepaper will be released shortly. Send us a note below to get informed when. 

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